The cuts may hurt, as well as the burns, and the starvation may not be healthy, but it is the only thing someone can do to feel something...


lets face it. you’ll leave me some day and my bones will ache and my cheeks will concave from the cascading tears falling down, as if my eyes are trying to wash away your face from my memory. we’ll meet again in a hall or a sidewalk and you’ll remember me as the crazy haired girl who thought of tragic things and i’ll remember you as the man who’d scream at my internal devils to hush. and you’ll ask how i’ve been and i’ll lie through my teeth as if saying the truth will spill my poison into the air. you’ll walk away thinking that it was such a strange encounter and ill watch you and remember the days of us ignoring the world and finding comfort in only each others mouths. you’ll forget me and i’ll forget myself too.

To be honest

When I wake up from a Good dream, I don’t wake up happy.
I wake up with high expectations, only to be let down with the reality I was so rudely forced back into.


I need sex. Hot, high, intense, sensual, breathtaking, thigh trembling, back scratching, lip biting sex. Fuck.